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Stöckli Laser GS Skis

On the piste, get set, go! This modern Race Carver with VRT Technology first unfurls its extraordinary qualities on mid-radius to sweeping long turns. It remains very stable and precise even at high speeds. And it masters a change in rhythm with bravura. More power coming from the ski‘s waist results in phenomenal edging. Doesn‘t matter how you accelerate this ski has a ride that‘s smooth as silk. Go ahead, indulge in a smooth ride. Even at full throttle.

Stöckli Laser SL Skis

For precise skiers and turn enthusiasts: The Laser SL guarantees playful ease on short, fast turns - even on hard, icy pistes. Its radius can be determined and controlled very well. When on the piste, it moves smooth, snappy-nimble and is simply fine in motion.This little ski is made for big things. Experience perfect geometry. Benefit from superior grip. In short, get to know this super maneuverable playmate.

Stöckli Laser SC Skis

A really sporty all-rounder: Confident in its extremely universal character on nearly every piste. No matter if a hard or soft base, short or mid-radius turns: With its Tail Flex Control Technology, the Laser SC stands for the best control and ample safety reserves. Relish every run individualized completely to how you feel that day or your personal needs. The Laser SC is always the right partner and is at home on any ski slope around the world.

Stöckli Laser SX Skis

The Laser SX with Turtle Shell technology can be steered precisely at any speed. At moderate speeds, these skis smoothly respond to subtle edge pressure, while at high speeds and in giant slalom turns, they ride rigidly like they‘re on rails – in other words, just like first-class racing equipment should.

Stöckli Laser CX Skis

The redesigned Laser CX is exactly what ambitious skiers are looking for. With its Turtle Shell technology, its flex adapts to any skiing style. Its specialty is short turns, which it executes mas- terfully and playfully. In addition, this ski remains stable and precise on fast downhill runs. A superior ski for top athletes.

Stöckli Scala Alpha Skis

The ease with which the Scale Alpha masters short to medium turns is no- thing short of magnificent. Plus, short trips into deep snow are pure pleasure on these skis. But the best part is: you can precisely configure the Scale‘s models for your skiing style, your speed, your height and your weight. You can find your Scale at

Stöckli Spirit Motion Skis

The Spirit Motion is the favorite for women who are looking for a well- balanced, easily maneuverable ski. It masters relaxed, short turns just as easily as it handles athletic downhills. Whichever you prefer: the fun factor is set at Maximum.


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