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Stöckli Laser GS

Wide, perfectly groomed slopes are its hunting ground. It loves wide, fast bends. The Laser GS impresses with its smooth running, even at high speeds. This is facilitated by the Carbon Steering Control technology developed in racing and an additional rubber damping inserted above the wood core. So you can ride as if on rails and stay in control, no matter how fast you’re going. This giant slalom ski offers full World Cup performance for those who don’t want to compromise on speed or precision.

Stöckli Laser SL

Agile, fast and precise: the Laser SL is a ski for short, fast turns on the slopes. Thanks to the new Carbon Power Turn technology, you feel even more acceleration at the end of the turn. Providing the precision you need for twisting descents, the harder racing sidewalls turn this ski into a real racing package. So off you go, show off your turning skills on the slopes.

Stöckli WRT PRO

Even more performance, even more dynamic power. With the identical basic nature of the Laser WRT, the new Laser WRT Pro impresses with extra features carried over directly from ski racing. The topsheet with even more carbon black and a special Vario curved structure transform this ski into a real rocket. The stiffer racing sidewalls lend an even more direct power transfer, among other things. The whole thing is rounded out with a unique design. With this power package, you won’t only be in the hunt for personal bests, you’ll achieve them.

Stöckli Laser SC

Looking for a ski that can do everything? If so, the Laser SC’s your thing. A versatile ski that can do everything, from short to long turns, from fast to leisurely. The sporty racing sidewalls ensure direct power transmission, while the slightly softer wood core allows you to ski comfortably in any situation. Whatever the properties you want in a piste ski, you’ll find them in the Laser SC. And with the right plate and binding, you can tailor it exactly to your needs. In short, this ski has everything you need for wonderful days of skiing with plenty of variety.

Stöckli Montero AX

The new Montero AX promises total versatility. Groomed pistes? Fresh powder? Heavy spring slush? Everything is no problem for this playful do-it-all. Wave-shaped slits in the Titanal plus a rocker at the tip and tail make this ski easy handling and nimble, ideal for short to mid-radius turns. With its waist of 80 mm, it also gets stability and performs perfectly in all conditions.

Stöckli Montero AS

The Montero line is synonymous with adventure, closeness to nature and versatility. And that’s exactly where the Montero AS fits in – seamlessly. With a waist width of 76 mm, this all-mountain ski is an absolute fun machine that invites you to play with the conditions on the slope. Designed for short to medium radii, the Montero AS impresses with its easy handling and high agility. Appropriately, AS stands for “All-mountain Slalom”. This makes this ski perfect for those who like fast alternating turns without much effort. Say no to boredom and a big yes to varied skiing – all day long.

Stöckli Laser SX

Only you decide how you will conquer the slopes. Because this ski leaves nearly all options open to you. The Laser SX loves mid-radius to sweeping long turns with high speeds just as much as it does casually cruising. It’s the Turtle Shell Technology that makes that possible. Wave-shaped slits in the aluminum make the ski comfortable and maneuverable at slower tempos. The higher the speeds and bigger the edge angle, the more the aluminum interlocks, which lends stability and smoothness to it. Speed racing in the morning and going out for a comfy cruise in the afternoon? No problem with this versatile companion.

Stöckli Laser CX

Attention ski enthusiasts: This on-piste slalom ski offers impressively playful ease. The playful element reveals itself in how the ski loves short, fast carved turns as much as it does skidding turns. Its lightness comes thanks to its construction: Lightweight wood in the core plus extra light edges contribute to how the Laser CX skis with very little effort. Definitely a ski for enjoyment.

Stöckli MX

The Laser MX designed exclusively for women has impressive maneuverability and pop. Its light construction promises easy handling, and the Turtle Shell Technology lets you feel safe and secure in every situation. This makes the ski perfectly suited for comfy, casual runs. But wait, it can offer something else, too: With the SRT Speed Plate and SRT 12 binding, the performance of this ski can be fully tapped into. Meaning athletic women skis can get what they came for.