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Extensive Variety of Skis

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We offer a multitude of ski categories for all levels; even our little kiddies will have something to sink their teeth into. Get an idea of what you want to try for your next holiday in the beautiful mountains of the Dolomites.
(UNESCO World Heritage Site)
If you need some advice once in Corvara, our staff will be happy to help you and get you on the slopes as quickly as possible.

Exclusive Skis

We can say with certainty that these skis are the finest the current market has to offer. Researched and developed with technical solutions, these skis are not typically found in ski shops.
Carbon fiber stone cores are just a taste of what this class ski includes.
This category is suitable for all levels of skiing.

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Exclusive Skis at Sport Kostner Rent

1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days +1
PRICES 55,00€ 105,00€ 150,00€ 190,00€ 225,00€ 255,00€ 30,00€

Stöckli Skis at Sport Kostner Rent

Stöckli Skis

We have always believed in this Swiss brand that our customers praise every year. These skis will keep you flying in packed or wet snow conditions. With a variety of models ranging from Giant Slalom to Race Carving, we are sure you will find the perfect set of skis for your vacation in Alta Badia. They respond immediately to every movement. This is a category for INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED skiers.

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1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days +1
PRICES 50,00€ 95,00€ 137,00€ 172,00€ 200,00€ 219,00€ 19,00€

High Class Skis

Here you’ll find the most important and popular brands that the market has to offer and the newest models for skiers seeking the best. A multitude of choices that will surely satisfy the appetite of even the most demanding skiers: Giant Slalom, Race Carving, All Mountain. This category is recommended for INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCEDskiers .

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High Class Skis at Sport Kostner Rent

1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days +1
PRICES 41,00€ 80,00€ 116,00€ 143,00€ 162,00€ 179,00€ 17,00€

Progression Skis at Sport Kosnter Rent

Progression Skis

For those looking for a forgiving ski with greater comfort and stability, you are in the right place! In this class of ski the dominant word is fun, with an excellent compromise between quality and price. This category is ideal for INTERMEDIATE skiers.

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1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days +1
PRICES 33,00€ 64,00€ 93,00€ 113,00€ 127,00€ 139,00€ 12,00€


If you are still in the initial stages of learning how to ski and beginning to ski parallel, you will find the skis to guide you in your progression here. You can ski throughout the Dolomites, savoring their beauty whilst on easy to manage skis. This category is suitable for BEGINNER and INTERMEDIATE skiers.

If this is your first time on skis, this is the category for you! These skis will give you the confidence to take your first ski steps in the snow. You’ll feel a multitude of emotions as you glide down our gentle slopes, immersed in the beauty of the mountains of Alta Badia. This category is suitable for BEGINNERS.

1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days +1
COMFORT SKI 28,00€ 54,00€ 72,00€ 87,00€ 99,00€ 109,00€ 10,00€

Junior and Kids Skis

Children are our future, that's why we pay particular attention to children and offer a wide range of equipment for their ever-increasing skills: from those who are putting on skis for the first time, to those who have exceeded their parents’ ability. If you have any doubts about which skis to select for your children, take a look at what we have to offer and remember that we can make any necessary changes to your booking once you’re in our shop.

Find your Skis

Junior and Kids Skis at Sport Kostner Rent

1 day 2 days 3 days 4 days 5 days 6 days +1
Kids Skis ≤110cm * 13,00€ 23,00€ 31,00€ 38,00€ 44,00€ 49,00€ 5,00€
Junior Skis ≥120cm * 15,00€ 28,00€ 38,00€ 46,00€ 53,00€ 59,00€ 6,00€

* Helmet rental free for children 14 and under with rental of Snowboard + Boots.


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