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The ski is the dynamic starting point to the world of zai with its natural rubber surface. The result is a ski with excellent turning properties – smoothly running with a good grip. Totally zai – robustness and a simple elegance characterise the ski.

Models 151 and 158 cm are designed with a supple core, agile and playful. The lengths 164 and 170 cm unfold a medium hardness in the core area – agile and with a good grip. The 176 cm is considered as the harder and thus race-oriented ski – here we use, apart from a solid wood core, also thicker titanal. All models are the result of cutting-edge sandwich technology with natural rubber, ash/poplar and titanal materials.

zai transmission system: the particularly developed zai system combining ski geometry, preload and positioning of the binding optimises the force transmission, and thus speed and control


The classic model among the zai ski captivates optically with its elegant surface, hand-made from walnut veneer.

The differences in the wood grain give the zai wood its individual look and turn it into something unique. Behind the timeless design of the exterior hides a high-tech interior.

The interaction of wood, steel and fibreglass provides for easy handling and ultimate skiing control in a variety of snow conditions. Both, wood and steel, can be refurbished and once more polished. Thus, the zai wood inspires with its timeless look, which will become even more beautiful with the natural ageing process of wood.


The mountain in the ski – since 2007, zai ski manufactures ski from stone. The new zai stone is the consistent further development, bringing the stone to the surface and creating the world-wide only ski with an upper stone chord.

Thanks to composite with the substrate material, the slate becomes pressure-resistant, absorbent and flexible. The result is a ski with excellent turning and unparalleled quiet running and gripping properties.

All models are the result of cutting-edge sandwich technology with ash/poplar and titanal material. The latest model captivates with its absolutely unique design, which turns each ski into a unique object. Efficiency, robustness and simple beauty characterise the ski. Its true size becomes evident, particularly on hard slopes.

Bogner Beast White[VT2]

The Bogner BEAST [VT2] makes the heart of every curve enthusiast beat faster with its agility.The playful and dynamic performance of this ski allows fast edge to edge changes with highest precision in every turn.

Its special core construction combines vertical Titanal stringers and Phenol sidewalls from the world of racing to ensure agile handling, exceptional edge grip and excellent running stability. A ski that perfectly masters the balancing act between sporty-ambitious and effortless all-round.

The sporty performance of this modern ski concept is also reflected in its design. A high-quality carbon print and the asymmetrical logo design symbolize the modern Bogner way.

Volant STEEL

Effortless elegance on-piste. Soft flex and dynamic sidecut for exceptional smoothness and superb control. Lightweight Densolite core for lively performance..


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