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Tips for keeping your Skis and Snowboard in great shape

WHY do the service ?

The answer seems obvious. Having your skis or snowboard tuned properly makes for more fun on the slope, no matter what your level, from beginners to advanced. Here are the main factors:

  • Sharp edges makes skiing easier, thanks to the fluidity and good grip on snow, so your sense of control is greater in more difficult snow conditions.
  • A smooth base structure eases the gliding action in all snow conditions.

You'll see that these two features give you a feeling on the slopes you'll never want to give up.

WHEN is the right time ?

This is definitely the simplest answer since the frequency of service completely depends on you and what you expect from your equipment. Customers who come to us for a one-week vacation may have their edges sharpened twice and come back one more time before going home so everything’s ready to go for the next time. We recommend that you service your ski / snowboard at these times:

  • Start of the new ski season. During the summer rust can form on the edges and the base gets dry. Bring us your skis or board the night before and they’ll be ready at 8.30 am the next day so you can begin plowing through the slopes of Val Badia and Dolomiti Superski area.
  • Difficulty turning on icy slopes and less control in general? It's time to sharpen the edges in our laboratory and don’t forget to have the base checked for scratches or gouges.
  • Loss in speed? Or, does your ski / snowboard lurch out of control? Then come and get your equipment checked. If necessary, we’ll fill scratches, gouges and restructure the base with our DISCOVERY WINTERSTEIGER. Your equipment will be just like new.
  • At the end of the season, store your equipment in a safe place to prevent rusting and drying.

If you're in doubt, just pass by our rental shop. Our staff will check your gear and explain any necessary procedures to get things in tip top shape. We’ll also be happy to help you if you have any custom requests.

Do it yourself ?

Always remember to thoroughly check every part of your gear and if you see some damage, take it to us for inspection. Safety for you and others that share the slope comes first. Here are some things to follow:

  • After a day of skiing or snowboarding, dries the base and edges with a cloth to prevent rusting.
  • Both during your holiday and periods of inactivity, especially, be sure to remember and store gear in a cool, dry place.


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